Bath time


Giving Jadyn a bath is a bigger challenge than I might have thought. I have had a few times that I have longed for a bath tub myself but never more than when I wish for one for her! So we have been experimenting with possibilities.
What comes first, the bath or the dishes? She has quickly gotten too big for this method.

This month we are experimenting with “shower baths.” Our shower has a small basin that I can fill with about an inch of water. The boys thought Jadyn looked like she was having so much fun, they wanted to try it too!

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  1. Hi guys!
    I love the picture of her in the shower! Too Cute!!! I’m sure it’s a challenge to pick between the shower or sink.

    The Hartzler Family

  2. Wowzers, almost a year now of bathing Jadyn in the sink or shower basin. I can relate to wanting a tub, we lived in a TINY apartment in Grenoble, France for six months back in 2004 and I missed a tub so much on those cold winter nights!

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