The POWER of ONE: YOU are a missionary


You know many people have said to me, “I admire what you are doing.” But the truth is, I could have been doing the same thing I am doing now, praying for and ministering to Muslims, right where I was living in OK. AC, our pastor at New Covenant, has a saying, “Every Member is a Minister.” But we can go further than that. EVERY CHRISTIAN IS A MISSIONARY. Since Jesus said “Therefore go and make disciples of ALL the NATIONS…” (Matt 28:19) it makes sense for us not just to be missionaries in our neighborhoods, but cross-cultural missionaries to our neighbors of other nations and cultures in order to really reach the ends of the earth. You may not be called to GO to the nations like our family, maybe the nations have come to you: in the form of ONE Muslim you know. We reach Muslims one at a time. It is called the POWER of ONE.

We went last summer to Florida for a training with the Crescent Project. Their mission is to reach Muslims for Christ. Will you begin to pray with us about reaching a million Muslims in 2007? You have the POWER to reach ONE Muslim for Christ and change the world. Read the e-mail we received today from Fouad Mosari about the POWER of One. You’ll have to follow up by reading Robert’s blog today about meeting a devout Muslim man at the local pizza place. While trying to convert Robert to Islam, Robert and another missionary (and the Holy Spirit) led the man to agree to read the Bible to find out more about Jesus and meet again for coffee to discuss. Praise GOD!

What’s one in a million? More than you may think.

At Crescent Project, we want to help you share the love of Christ with a Muslim around you.

Maybe she is the covered woman you’ve seen in your neighborhood, but have never gone out to meet her. Maybe he is the co-worker that you know is from Pakistan, but you’ve never gotten into that conversation.

If that’s your story, we have organized the Million Muslim Outreach for you and the one Muslim you know.

Our vision is to see that one million American Muslims hear the gospel in 2007. We’re working with other Christian groups and churches to make this vision a reality. The message will spread through individual Christians living for Jesus. We believe in the power of one:

* 1 Christian committed to sharing the message of Jesus

* 1 Muslim’s life changed creates a ripple effect among friends and family

A Million Muslim Outreach. It will only be a “catchy idea” unless you choose to act. Get involved today. Share the message of Christ with a Muslim.

Learn more about the Million Muslim Outreach Download PDF here.

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