Wedding dresses anyone?


I read several e-zines about the state of missions and the cause of Christ around the world. This one is worthy to pass on. I have often wondered what should I do with my wedding dress. It is not likely my daughter would want to wear it… perhaps it can bring glory to Christ and a paycheck to someone in Turkey. Read on…

from: Turkish World Outreach ( email
– April 12, 2007

Ladies, do you have a wedding dress you would be willing to part
with for the cause of Christ? If so, please consider sending
it to Turkish World Outreach!

Turkish World Outreach
508 Fruitvale Court
Grand Junction, CO 81504 USA

This Christian organization is collecting wedding dresses to
provide destitute believers in Turkey with a means of employment.
Many have been fired from their jobs because they have chosen
to leave Islam to follow Jesus. Wedding dresses from western
nations are greatly admired in Turkey, and Turkish believers
will be able earn a living by renting such dresses.

More information here (

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Don’t send dresses to the Albany office that
is listed on the web site; use the Colorado address above.)


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