The 10 Cent Park


We went to a park on Thursday. We have all been going a little stir crazy at home! Now I know that sounds really simple. But here in Albania, parks are pretty scarce. We had to walk a mile to get to this one. So… I load up Jadyn in the stroller and head out with Robert and the boys. This is our first time to visit this park- we have seen it on our way home from church. When we walked in we were approached by a woman who gave us tickets and ask for 40 lek (about 40 cents). So this park costs money! Interesting! The park is surrounded by hedges and fences so it is nice that you feel enclosed and safe. The boys had a great time sliding down the huge 10 foot pole. Never mind that the whole thing swayed a little and would never have passed US codes for a park. Robert and I stood ready to catch someone at any moment. But there were nice places of grass and shade, benches and tables and a little area to play soccer for the boys. All in all it was a great outing…. until we were locked in at the end. The attendant went to lunch. I felt a little less stupid when there were two other Albanian families trying to get out also…. ?!@#$%^&*?! How is this supposed to work? Finally another woman who was running a concession stand down the street came to let us out. Okay, note to self, watch the lunch hour at the park. Either bring enough food to stay or get out early!

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