Monthly Archives: December 2006

The Hello Kitty Club


Here is a cute link to the Hello Kitty Club.
It is a group of pictures of babies from the FengCheng Social Welfare Institute (Jadyn’s orphanage) that have been placed with families in the last 2-3 months.
All the girls are dressed in this same adorable outfit and placed in
the Hello Kitty Chair. And this only a few of them! It is hard to
imagine that there are over ONE MILLION of these precious little ones
in China and that more than 80% of the them are girls.


How do you spell Jadyn?


I got a call this afternoon from the boy’s school. One of the administrative assistants, Linda, is also in my Women’s Bible Study. She called because the Kindergarten class was working on a project and the boys wanted to put Jadyn’s name on it somehow (the “project” is a surprise). They tried to take some guesses among the teachers and came up with 3 different answers so they decided to call. Before she called, Tyler told her, “It’s okay… I don’t think my mom knows how to spell it either!”

Mommy, what is 6 +6?


The boys continue to love school. They have a great teacher, Robin Nelson who is originally from California. Robin is also in my Women’s Bible Study on Wednesday nights. She always has great stories to tell… I can’t imagine why! So this week, the story was about Austin. Austin was asking “What is 6+6?” She told him 6+6= 12. He said, “NOT in Oklahoma!”

This morning, Austin got in bed with me to cuddle (He wakes me up and says, “Mommy, its your favorite time of the day!”….it is!). After a few minutes he asked, “Mommy, what is 6+6?” I smiled and said 12. He asked, “Even in Oklahoma?” Yes, even in Oklahoma.