Thanksgiving Day in Albania


Well we were not sure what to expect for Thanksgiving Day in Albania… but we gathered with American friends both from our Frontiers team and others from the OKC area. The boys were off school for two days. Despite the fact that it is an international school, over half of the students and teachers are Americans so they do take the days off for Thanksgiving. We gathered at the home of Jack and Susanna Dabney, another couple from OKC.

We had TWO turkeys (they were pretty small) and ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie cake for dessert. There were a few other things on the menu as well…. too many to name. I guess no matter what country you are in you end up stuffing yourself on Thanksgiving Day. I volunteered to make Green Bean Casserole- from scratch! This continues to be my biggest adventure: figuring out how to translate an easy recipe into a new classic here in Albania. I made a white sauce with mushroom bouillon (Mom… the sauce recipes are great and a huge time saver!) for the can of cream of mushroom soup and we hand sliced onions and fried them in a skillet to replace the French’s fried onions. Well it took a lot longer but it was yummy.

Our favorite time was after the meal, sitting around the table and sharing stories. We laughed a lot and enjoyed hearing fun things about all the people with whom we are here in ministry. Favorites that we shared: Beki Grissom’s story about the HS girls Basketball team killing a deer with the bus on the way to the game. They threw it in the back of the bus. “We can’t leave that here… that’s good meat!” Also well appreciated was the story about my Grandpa Watkins (he’ll be 95 years old this December) and the family of skunks that lived under their house a few years ago. They could not get rid of them so Grandpa sat in the yard in his lawn chair with his shot gun, patiently waiting for them to come out. This sounds cruel until you think about how the house smelled…. hmmm.
Anyway… it was a great day and we really enjoyed taking the day off. And it was nice that all the stores in town were open! 🙂


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