CHINA …. we are getting closer!


Well, the month of October closed with us no closer to going to China than we were last month. There were NO referrals from China for any agencies in the US in the whole month. We were so disappointed because we thoguth surely if there are at least some referrals this month we would be in the next group at the end of November. The referral will be a picture of our daughter and her medical file. Families usually receive these about 7-9 weeks before they travel to China to pick up their child. BUT IN A GREAT MIRACLE… China updated their referrals TODAY and sent out 16 days of logins from August of 2005. They have made referrals up through August 25th, 2005. Our login date was August 30th! That means we will be in the next group! God willing, we will receive the referral at the end of NOVEMBER and travel to China sometime in late January or early February.


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