Vacuum Cleaner Heaven


De and Landi, another missionary couple on our team, gave us a vacuum cleaner. 🙂 This is a little slice of heaven. Life is just dirty here. There is so much dust and dirt I feel like I am breathing grit sometimes. We have all wood and tile floors here in our house. We did bring carpet remnants (thank you to those who donated!) and rugs for every room, but the corners and doorway areas still are full of dust and dirt. Despite my efforts to keep everyone from wearing shoes in the house and to sweep an mop more regularly- not my strong point- (Carrie, I have been MOPPING more than I did in the US! WOW) Everything just feels dirty. SO this vacuum cleaner feels like heaven. Now mind you cleaning the vacuum cleaner is a big task in and of itself. It is not like a vacuum in the US that moves easily across the carpet… it has to really be pushed with two hands and a little force! There are not disposable vacuum cleaner bags here. The bag in our vacuum is a cloth bag that we have to take out by hand, dump some where that the dust and dirt won’t get back in the house and wash it in the washing machine. One has to vacuum the dirt from cleaning the bag once you are done. Oh the joys….

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