School Days for Austin and Tyler/ What about China?


Austin and Tyler are attending a missionary school called the GDQ. (This stands for a man’s name that I can not pronounce.) They are in Kindergarten with 9 other kids from 5 other countries! (Tyler is in the Fireman hat and Austin is holding the poster) They are picked up by the bus everyday not too far from our house (that is an interesting story for another day), and are dropped off at another location also pretty close to our house. The school is English speaking although they do have an Albanian class one day a week. This is a picture of their class with the fireman (an American missionary who arrive the day before us) who visited their school. So far school has been going pretty well. We are still finding our groove. Both the boys have been very tired since they now have no extended nap time during the day. Their favorite day of the week is Food to Go day. This is when they can order local foods from “fast food” place that delivers to the school. This means they can have a hamburger or hotdog (Albanian style- with French fries inside) or a suflace (like a Greek Eros) or bureck (I have no idea how to explain this one). Tyler is doing really well and is enjoying all the detail activities and reading and writing. Our more active boy Austin, is still working on how to do all of these things as well as the things he wants to do like move and talk!

So what about our third child? We ARE still adopting from China. It is amazing how this all fits into the bigger picture of our family life. China has still not referred babies for our group that had paperwork logged into the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) on August 30th of 2005. They are now up through August 9th which means we could be in the group that is referred next month but not likely. China has only been doing 8-14 days of referrals each month so we are more likely to get a referral at the end of November. This means we would hopefully go to China to pick her up in January or February. We have to do a new home study here in Albania (God has provided this so faithfully… He is amazing that way!) We have an Albanian social worker who speaks English and is coming to visit our home on Friday. Robert and I have started sleeping with a baby blanket and stuffed animal we want to send to her in China as soon as we know who she is so she can become accustomed to our smells. We have been told that in some cases this can make the transition and bonding a little easier for parent and child. I keep praying for this sweet daughter of ours and asking for God’s provision both for her and her mother. I can not imagine what life will be like with a little one in the house again. I am becoming anxious!


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