Adventures in eating out: Don’t leave the camera!


Austin had a great day at school today. So we decided it was a celebration… we took the gondola to the top of Mount Dajti (pronounced die-tee). It was a beautiful day, a little on the chilly side, but there is a cafe and playground at the top so we thought it would be fun for everyone. We took a taxi to the base and rode the gondola to the top. It is quite a sight of Tirana. And there is no SMOG, our first fresh breath in a month! Unfortunately, the playground was torn down because they are moving it to another site on the property. There has been many improvements since we were there last November. There are also several restaurants that you got for dinner. These are about 1.5 miles from the top but there are free shuttle busses and drivers to take you there. So we were debating about dinner and what to do, when a man asked us in English if we were looking for a restaurant. Say no more… speak English and we get in the car with any strange man. He was the owner of a restaurant, Paradise. So, 1.5 miles down the bumpiest road you have ever traveled, to a quaint little place right on the side of the mountain. We could see all of Tirana and watch the sunset behind the city. It was great. The food… not so much. I think Robert enjoyed what he ordered. You order a main dish and that was all it was, no side dishes. So I ordered porkchops, and chicken fillet for the boys and that is what we got. Three porkchops and three chicken breast. There were not even any side dishes on the menu. The only other customers were three guys from Germany who are riding around Europe on their motorcycles. And the background music was American Rap music. We hear this everywhere! Anyway… we finally left, and the owner took us back to the gondola. It is now dark and deserted at the top of the mountain as everything is closing down for the evening. He had already driven off, when we realized we had left the video camera at the restaurant. There is NO ONE around. We are about to give up and just go home, when we decide to see if we can communicate with the gondola operators what has happened. Unbelievably, we are successful. We know the word for camera, telephone, and Paradise (we think this is the name of the restaurant). Now how we got across that we left the camera at the restaurant I do not know. But eventually we sent Robert off in another car, down the long bumpy road at twice the speed of the first trip, with a man who spoke no English, to the wrong restaurant, then to the right restaurant and back to his waiting family at the deserted mountain top. Well… our celebration was a little more eventful than we thought. 🙂

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