OU/ Texas in Albania


We had 6 people here after church last night to watch the OU game live here in our living room. It was on at 9:30pm here and was over at about 1:00am. Most people left at about 12:15 or so after the lateral pass that gave Texas a touchdown in the OU endzone. UGH. Not the way we were hoping to celebrate watching our first live game in Albania. We have this cool thing called a SlingBox. (Thank you, Bevan!) It works with our Tivo which is at Bevan’s house and converts the signal to internet. So we can watch live TV braodcast in Oklahoma right here in Albania. Now we are 7 hours ahead of CST so we have to record what we would like to see and watch it the next day. (But this was OU/TEXAS…. who can wait?) We have picked a few important shows like Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy and Blue’s Clues that we are recording. The picture is pretty grainy so watching a fast moving sporting event like football was a little interesting. We all kept shouting “Where’s the ball?! I can’t see the ball!” It’s great for things a little slower like Blues Clues. The best part is, it is a little bit of home when we feel like everything else is so different.


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