You know your new house feels like home when…


Everything is so dusty and dirty you feel that a clean sweep is needed! Today was a house clean day. I even had to clean the knobs on the stove so I guess someone is cooking enough to make it feel like home. I made my first “white sauce” this week. One of the things we can not get is condensed soups (like cream of mushroom, chicken or celery). Nearly everyone of my family’s favorite recipes calls for some kind of condensed soup. Never mind that you can buy low fat condensed soups in the states. Not here! So I used milk, flour, oil (thank you Mom, for the recipe) and then a packet of mushroom bouillion and that makes mushroom soup. (Sort of) Anyway… my recipe came out okay… or at least my family ate it! 🙂

None of our windows have screens. This is a new adventure in bug control. Here we don’t have nice plug-ins to make your room smell good, we have mosquito plug-ins to control the mosquitos! Tyler and I have to wear lots of bug repellent on the worst days (bugs like us). The good news is that here in Albania (or somewhere in Europe) they have perfected bug repellent. I bought a European brand and it does not have the stink of bug repellents in the US. So we don’t smell like bug spray! YEE HAW! We also have some of the biggest flies I have ever seem. These don’t seem to be a huge problem right now but I think I will need to come up with some kind of screen before the heat of next summer.

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